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K53 App

The K53 Mobile App is a Driving School in your pocket, an all on one study guide to help you succeed in passing your South African learner’s and driver’s licence

This app will teach you the Road Rules, Traffic Signals and Signs needed to pass the learner’s licence in an easy to understand manner.
After you have passed your learner’s this app will continue to instruct you what is expected of you to pass the Driver’s licence.

Vehicle classes supported
✔️Motorcycles (Class A1/A, Code A1)
✔️Light Motor vehicles (Class EB/B, Code 8, Code B)
✔️Heavy Motor vehicles (Class C1/C, Code 10, Code EB)

Here are some Key Features
✔️Easy to understand Road Rules
✔️Traffic Signs and Signals Gallery
✔️Hand Signals Diagrams
✔️Interactive Vehicle/Car controls diagram
✔️Practice Tests
✔️Learning Scheduling Notifications
✔️Pop Quiz
✔️Vehicle Pre-Trip checklist/ Vehicle Inspection
✔️Diagrams of the Yard test
✔️Incline Start / pull away
✔️Alley docking Guidance
✔️Observation Guidance
✔️Parallel Parking Guidance
✔️Three-point turn Guidance
✔️A peek at the examiner’s checklist

📱 Recommended Minimum System Requirements
OS: Android Lollipop 5.0 (API 21)
Display Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels
CPU: 2.0 GHz
Note: the app will run on lower specs but it may be slow, UI elements may malfunction, or the app may crash due to insufficient memory



"Great for anybody who needs to learn the rules of the road in SA!"


Jarred Uys


"Made my loo trips longer, but more productive. Ended up making no mistakes on the learners test - thank you."


Jasper Wiese                       


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